Hello JJ,

  I wanted to thank you for taking such good care of us during the sale of our condo and purchase of our first house. Since my husband already owned the condo when we married, it was my first experience at selling and purchasing real estate. You made it so easy!

I was really concerned that we would have a tough time selling our older condo because we were up against so much new construction. I watched as other units in our community sat on the market for many months (even a year in one case). But, you were confident that you could sell it. You immediately went to work and brought in lots of perspective buyers. To my amazement it sold within 8 weeks!

When it was time to purchase a new house, your worked very hard for us to try to get our "dream home". I really appreciate all the work you did to try to get us into the neighborhood that we wanted. Even driving around the neighborhood and asking if homeowners were interested in selling.

We are very happy in our new home and I am enjoying adding personal touches to it to make it our home. We now have room to grow! We hope to bring our new child home from Russia early next year.


Tara Holmes

Dear JJ and Nancy:

     Beth and I would like to formally thank you for all your patience and effort into making our first home buying experience a pleasant one. Not only did you each take the time in your already busy schedules to go look at a house that we saw somewhere that turned into a "disaster", but you found just the right home for us. Your expertise in the field made it easy to find the right people to take care of the details, e.g. connecting us with Lori at Guaranty Trust for our mortgage. You also kept us up to date with all relevant changes that could affect us in our journey.

     We're not sure if we would have ever been able to get where we are now without the both of you. We're glad that we found you so early in the stages of purchasing a home and that you stuck with us through all the visits, revisits, and visits again for the mother. We will and have recommended you to anyone we know who is selling or purchasing a home. If there is ever anything that we can do for either of you, just let us know.


Terry & Beth Winslow

Dear J.J.:

Where do we begin? You were Heaven sent to us in our hour of despair. When all seemed hopeless and it seemed like we would lose everything God sent you to us! The last 3 years had been so trying for us with my back surgery and  Karen's newly diagnosed chronic illness, we literally had lost many years of  wages and our finances were exhausted. We were truly doing all we could to keep our daily needs fulfilled. Suddenly it became apparent that there was no way that we could maintain our home. Because so many bills had often been late we could get no one to refinance our home; despite the fact of there being significant equity. We were in total despair until the autumn of 2005 when we received confirmation that God had purpose for us and we were trusting Him to sell our home and begin a business; we had an agent in pocket to sell the home and we had begun preparing the home for showing. Suddenly, we looked up and there was a small crack in the garage wall, which quickly progressed to a large crack; suddenly there was no agent. How could this be? We knew that we had received direction, but now how could it be so intangible; and then you came along! It is so amazing to see how He used you to bless us in such a mighty way and we are so grateful to you for availing yourself to be used by the Lord. We know that your love for God and His people directed you to do all that you did for us. You responded to us so quickly and you were always available to answer our calls promptly. You alleviated our fears and comforted us with your astonishing confidence that everything would be alright! Somehow you knew just what to do when everyone else we had talked with had turned us away or discouraged us; we tried several agents before we found our angel! Because of your networking skills with knowledgeable and trustworthy business affiliates, we were provided expert consultation and services with exceptional quality and cost efficiency.

J.J., many times in the world when we see successful people we see people who have very little or no regard for others, but God broke the mold with you! Never have we seen a businessperson walk in such great trust and faith with the highest regard and caring for others! We thank God that we met you and we would highly recommend you to anyone, anywhere, anytime. God bless you Ms. J.J. Love! May God continue to prosper you in all your ways!

With Sincere Regards,

Rick and Karen Upton