All About J. J. Love

After years as a flight attendant for American Airlines, J. J. Love decided to keep her roots in Nashvile when the local base closed. Passengers often told her she was ideal for real estate, so in 1990 she took the suggestions and started a new career as a Realtor and ultimately Realtor/Broker.

As a woman on the fast track, J. J. was determined to stay ahead of the market with new nationally proven marketing ideas and the latest technology. With a firm stance on ethics, and by studying the most successful real estate firms in the nation, a clear vision of her goals and plans evolved.

As J. J. strived to apply her dreams during those formative years as a Realtor/Broker, she realized she wanted to develop a multi-cultural market like no other in Nashville at the time, or today!

J. J. realized predatory lending was evolving. For years, she openly opposed such dubious programs, and remains strong on protecting her clients today.  J. J. is also an advocate to help less fortunate clients repair their credit so they are better positioned to buy a home.

The growth of the national and international market in Nashville was quickly recognized by J. J.  Being the person she is, J. J. immediately built a multi-cultural marketing concept, bringing together teams to translate for clients coming from all over the world.  Many who could not even speak our language when they arrived are helped by J. J. and ultimately secure their American dream to own a home.

Being a pioneer to continually test new marketing concepts, J. J invests heavily in promotion of clients' homes in publications, eleborate 4 color flyers, direct mail and unique open houses including some with food and music and more.  She is deeply entrenched in using her own website, Nashvillehomeseeker. com, and other progressive on-line websites and services to reach a national market with eyes on living in Nashville.  She's also a pioneer in usng television to promote her properties.  Most Nashvillians know J. J. and her precious Jazzy J Love, because both are seen in advertising and now star in their own Realtor Reality segments on the Home Center Network , Comcast Channel 49.

Today, J. J. Love is setting trends again as one who is introducing her clients to environmentally friendly and efficient green homes.  She believes it is critical for buliders to focus on building with products that not only seal the homes and make them energy efficient, but also by using green products in the process.  J. J. Love  is a dynamic professional who strives for quaility, not quantity, and delivers the most ethical, reliable and productive service any client can hope to receive.

When you visit J. J. in her office, you also have a treat that suitably gives you a focus of the "The agent with a heart".  You will be greeted by Jazzy J. Love , Director of First Impressions, who will quickly roll over so you can pat her tummy!